September 24, 2016 Omer Ramić Tools & projects

Have you ever wanted to hide plain text IP address with something that very few people will be able to decode or read?

IP-obfuscator is one simple/short script I wrote. This script obfuscates your IP address or IP of website/server URL.

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Standard readable URL (Universal Resource Locator) usually looks like this: or

But every single URL can be called by server's IP address as well. For example these are equivalant: -->

This is where my script comes in handy. IP-obfuscator hides this plain text IPv4 address so it isn't this obvious. This is unknown even to those who know much about IP addresses.

So, we can make/trick user open any address by formulating URL request like this:

By looking at it, people may think it is link to facebook's website. And they will ignore number at the end of the link. This link will actually take people to (number 3627729540 is an equivalent of IP address written in DWORD format).

REMARK: These values of IP addresses can change over time, if they change you will be redirected from google.

How this script works?

You simply input real IP address (IPv4 format), and you will get equivalent obfuscated IP value in completely new functioning format (DWORD - integer, hexadecimal, octal ili combination of these). You can choose any format you desire, every single one will redirect you to exact IP address.

Happy hunting!

Link: GitHub
Usage: ./ --ip

IP obfuscation usage